I was guided to Ann Walker’s camera obscura today by the sound of her laughter. I stepped inside the 'shed' and when my eyes became accustomed to the darkness I began to see the clouds, sun flowers, marigolds and pink brick paths. Then the sun came out and the image sharpened! Amazing. The world appeared quite clearly (though upside down) on the wall. I drew in the darkness on the paper with coloured markers.

When I came out afterwards I looked around, focussing on what I'd seen with the obscura.

Strangely strong experience.   Linda Nevill (Professional Artist)

I found the tree dimensional quality of the image inside the shed obscura surprising and intriguing.  Steve Evans (Professional Artist)

Wonderful Sunprint workshops and amazing location.  This would be great to do with the children at school where I teach.  Bernice Whitehouse (Primary School Teacher)

It was great.  Emily loved making the tube camera obscura and I had trouble getting her out of the shed! Thank you for organizing this event.  John (General Public)

Loved doing the Sunprints and looking forward to seeing them when they are dry.  Fabulous natural outdoor space with lots of interesting things growing.  Laura Hickman (Professional Artist)

Had fun this morning at Ann Walker’s Sunprint workshop.  Great class in a great environment.  I hope there will be more of these workshops in the future.  Alison Sherratt  (ex student)

What a great day.  Enjoyed making the Sunprints in this lovely environment.  The exhibition looked fantastic!  Hannah Boyd (Artist and Art Tutor)

Lovely open day at the Boundary allotments. Good to finally meet you Ann Walker. The camera obscura is amazing.  Manda Yates (Professional Artist)

Such an interesting space inside the shed obscura.  Its a strange experience when you come outside and try to make out what you saw inside the obscura.  Was a wonderful fun day, really enjoyed it.   Christeen Martin (General Public)